How To Guide

  1. Creating An Account

    1. Visit our website and in the top right corner you will see options to Register or Log in.

    2. 1

      Entering Your Delivery Address

      1. 1.1. The first step is to check your address to ensure that we can deliver to you. Input your postcode into the box and click FIND YOUR ADDRESS button.

      2. 1.2. Once you have clicked the FIND YOUR ADDRESS button a drop down select will appear for you select your full address.

      3. 1.3. Upon selection a form with your full address will appear, confirm these details then click CONTINUE to proceed.

      4. 1.4. Once you have clicked CONTINUE you will either progress to stage 2 (Prerequisites) or your address details will be saved for review. If you would like to be notified if we review your location and add your postcode to our delivery network. Then complete the information form and click submit. Alternatively, you can click cancel to not progress further.

    3. 2

      Agreeing To Our Prerquisities

      1. 2.1. We can only deliver to houses or flats with a private ground level entrance to leave goods. Unless otherwise agreed, we will leave products on or near the doorstep of any entrances that may be secured. Please click Confirm to acknowledge you meet this condition of delivery to continue. If not, please click Cancel.

      2. 2.2. At any point you can go back to the previous step by clicking the previous step link under the confirm button.

    4. 3

      Entering Your Personal Details

      1. 3.1 To set up your account fill in your first name, last name, and email address. Type your email address again in the second box to ensure it is correct. You also need to set a password for your account this must be at least 8 characters long, have one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one numerical digit and one special character e.g #?!@$%^&*-. Once you have entered your details click CONTINUE.

      2. 3.2 Both password and email must match, or you will receive a warning error under the input field.

      3. 3.3 If you do not follow the password requirements you will also receive an error

    5. 4

      Entering Your Contact Details

      1. 4.1. Enter a mobile or landline telephone number to allow us to contact you, then click CONTINUE.

    6. 5

      Delivery Instructions

      1. 5.1. This is where you can let us know about any special delivery instructions or pass code that are required. Just input these into the box and click CONTINUE, if you have no instruction you can leave the box blank and click CONTINUE.

    7. 6

      Agreeing To Our Conditions

      1. 6.1. This is where you can read our policies and option to receive special offers and promotions. Our conditions (first check box) is mandatory and must be accepted to use our service. Simply click the blue link to read the policy. If you are happy with the policy click the white square box and click CONTINUE. Marketing (second check box) Is optional but you may miss out our excellent promotions and offers.

    8. 7

      Activating Your Account

      1. 7.1. Once you have clicked CONTINUE you will be redirected to the successfully completed page.

      2. 7.2. You should now have received an email from Grahams The Family Dairy ( to active your account. This might have gone to your junk or spam, give them a check if you have not received it within 2-3 minutes.

      3. 7.3. Click on the link provided in the email, this will activate your account and take you back to the web shop.

      4. 7.4. Your account is activated once you are in the web shop and you can start adding to your order by clicking CONTINUE.

  2. Setting Up A Direct Debit

    1. Setting Up A Direct Debit Step 1

      1. Once you have activated your account our team will create your account number usually on the same working day, however please allow up to two working days. Once this is done you will receive an email with a link to set up your Direct Debit.

    2. Setting Up A Direct Debit Step 2

      2. Clicking the link will take you to our web shop Direct Debit page. Click the link to be directed to the Direct Debit form.

    3. Setting Up A Direct Debit Step 3

      3. Clicking the link will take you to the form below.

    4. Setting Up A Direct Debit Step 4

      4. Many of your details will be automatically filled in for you on the form. Simply complete the remaining boxes. You should not need to amend the address that is already populated as long as it represents the address held by your bank.

    5. Setting Up A Direct Debit Step 5

      5. Once you have clicked apply your direct debit information will be stored to your account and you should see a green confirmation page with your details.

    6. Alternate step

      Alternatively, you can click the My Direct Debit tab in the web shop once your customer account has been set up and follow the same steps from the Setting Up A Direct Debit section steps 2 – 5.

    7. Cannot Set up direct debit message

      If you get the below message it means our team are still working on creating your account number. They will usually have this ready within one working day but please allow up to two working days. You will be emailed a reminder when you can set up your Direct Debit.

  3. Setting Up A Weekly Order

    1. Setting Up Your Delivery Days

      1. 1. Once your direct debit is set up, you now can choose your delivery days by clicking on the Delivery Days tab on the top of the screen next to Weekly Order.

      2. 2. There will be a choice of two days in the week to pick from and you can have up two days selected. Simply click on the available days (square check box) that you wish to have your goods delivered. Day we cannot deliver to you will be shown with a red cross. Once you are happy with the days click the Save Delivery Days button.

      3. 3. A pop-up box will confirm your changes. Click OK to proceed.

    2. Setting Up Your Weekly Order Cart

      1. 1. Once your delivery days have been selected you can begin to pick from our range of products to be delivered to your home on a weekly basis. We have placed a category navigation bar below our banner on every page so that you can get to the products wherever you are on our web shop.

      2. 2. Simply select the category you would like, and this will take you to our range. You can also use the side navigation bar to select your desired product category.

      3. 3. If you cannot see the product in your selected category that you are looking for on the first page, scroll down to the bottom and you can go to the next page by clicking the square page numbers.

      4. 4. Once you have seen the product you want, Simply click ADD TO ORDER.

      5. 5. Once you have added your chosen product to your order you will get a green confirmation banner along the top of your screen.

      6. 6. You can only add one item to your weekly order but once reviewing your order you can change the quantities. If you try to add two of the same items, you will receive a red banner along the top of your screen.

      7. 7. Once you have added all the items you would like to be delivered you can review your order on the Weekly Order tab at the top right.

      8. 8. On this screen you can see your full order, remove products and change your quantities.

      9. 9. To change the quantities simple click on the arrows that appear when you hover over the number next to the day you wish to amend

      10. 10. Once you are happy with your quantities scroll down to the bottom and click Update Total, this will recalculate the cost.

      11. 11. Once you have updated the total of your order have a read of conditions set out in the policy statement before checking the box and clicking CHECKOUT.

      12. 12. Once you have clicked checkout you will be taken to the payment confirmation page. If you have not yet set up your direct debit you will see the below image and should follow the Setting Up A Direct Debit instructions after clicking Set up a Direct Debit Mandate and come back to this page

      13. 13. If you have a direct debit set up you should see the direct debit confirmation above your order.

      14. 14. Double check your order and if you need to change anything in your order you can click the Change your weekly order to return to your weekly order page.

      15. 15. If you are happy with your order you can click the CONFIRM PAYMENT METHOD button at the bottom of the page.

      16. 16. You will then be taken to the order confirmation page where you need to read and accept the condition set out in the privacy statement before clicking CONFIRM AND PAY

      17. 17. You are now all set up to receive your weekly deliveries and will be directed to the Thank You page.

      18. 18. On this page you can get full information on your order by clicking the order details link

      19. 19. This will give you all the information regarding your order from billing address when your order was created, what is included in your order and when it was last updated along with the total cost. You can also print out your order at this point by clicking Print at the bottom of the page.

  4. Amending A Weekly Order

    1. Adding Items To Your Weekly Order

      1. Adding A New Item To Your Order

        To add new items to your simply follow to the steps for setting up a weekly order, weekly order cart from 1 -19.

      2. Changing Quantites Of An Item

        If you would like to change quantities of existing items simply follow steps 7 - 19 in Setting Up Your Weekly Order Cart.

    2. Removing Items

      1. Changing Quantities To Zero

        To remove items from your weekly order you simply have to set the quantity to 0 on the choose day / item and follow the step to changing quantities.

      2. Removing Products

        Alternatively if you don't wish to order a particular product again in the future you can select the Remove Product checkbox next to the item. Once done, follow the steps for setting up a weekly order, weekly order cart from 10-19.