Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is your home delivery service available in my area?

    Please go to the register page in the online shop and complete the registration form. Once completed, our system will check whether we can provide a home delivery service to your area. If you live in an area that is not recognised by our system, your address will be checked by our doorstep delivery team who will get back to you as soon as they can. Just ensure to leave your name and email address with us in the registration page. Note that we can only deliver to houses or flats with a private ground level entrance to leave goods. If you are unsure, please reach out to us by email

  2. Do you deliver to flats or apartment blocks?

    We can only deliver to houses or flats with a private ground level entrance to leave goods. If you are unsure, please reach out to us by email

  3. Do you have a price list?

    You can find all our prices in our online shop. Note that we offer free delivery on all of our products.

  4. I already have an account with Grahams. Can I register on the online shop?

    On 21st December 2020 we emailed an invitation to many of our existing customers to log in to their new Webshop accounts. If you have not received an invitation please email us and we can check this for you as we may have taken your email address down incorrectly. Alternatively, if you are confident you have not had a Webshop account set up before (either by yourself or a door to door salesperson) you are free to register, but please ensure you answer "Yes" to already having an account with Graham's to ensure your accounts aren't duplicated. We can also link up your existing Direct Debit should you have one set up - just let us know and we can get that set up for you. Payment on the Webshop is only by Direct Debit at the moment, however this can be set up in your account completely online and can be done in just a few minutes.

  5. How do I place an order?

    We are delighted to hear that you are interested in our home delivery service! Please go to the register page in the shop and complete the registration form. If you're in an area we can serve you can immediately set up an account with us and you will then be free to add items to your weekly order. Please note that you must set up a paperless Direct Debit online before we can process any of your orders.

  6. How do I pay for my order?

    We only accept payment via Direct Debit. This can be set up as soon as you register in the online shop by going to the Direct Debit link at the top of the page. The process is completely paperless and can be set up in minutes, allowing you to place your first order with us shortly after. Direct Debit payments are being taken weekly every Friday.

  7. How do I set up a Direct Debit?

    Before you can set up a Direct Debit you must first register an account with us via the online shop. Soon after you will be sent another confirmation email asking you to register for a Direct Debit allowing you to set up a paperless Direct Debit with us in a few minutes online. To set this up you can click the Direct Debit link at the top of the page and fill out the online mandate. Please ensure that your address and name matches what is on your bank statement and that you carefully enter your sort code (no dashes are required) and bank account number. Direct Debit payments are being taken weekly every Friday. Should there be any problems with setting up your online Direct Debit you can immediately try again, however should you need assistance the telephone number and email address for our credit control team will be displayed on the page.

  8. I cannot find my house name/number from the dropdown list when registering, am I still eligible?

    We try and include every house for all postcodes to help fill in your own address details, but on occasion a genuine address may be missing if it has not surfaced in our data sources. Should this happen, simply select any other house on the list and you will be able to edit the address directly under the dropdown box to match your exact address.

  9. I want to change my order - how long do I have before you despatch?

    We usually require one working days' notice to change your order.

  10. What days will my deliveries be?

    Most deliveries are Mondays to Fridays depending on your area. As soon as you register in the online shop you can check what days your driver delivers to you by going to the Delivery Days link at the top of the page. Here, you can select up to a maximum of two deliveries per week.

  11. What time will my deliveries be?

    Depending on the delivery schedule for each driver you may receive your order at any time during the day. The majority of orders will be delivered in the middle of the night, but we aim to deliver most orders before 8am. We do not need anyone to be at home to accept your order and we will leave this on the doorstep or other private area as specified by you. If you would like to leave a cool box out we are happy to pop your products in.

  12. I have placed an order, what happens next?

    Thank you for placing an order with us! You will always receive a confirmation email after every change you make to your order. Additionally, you can keep track of your order changes by going to the My Account link at the top of the page and going into Orders. Your order will then be delivered on the upcoming delivery day you specified in the order each week. Your driver may need extra time on your very first order, but we will notify you by email should your first delivery date change. Please note we usually need one working days' notice to change your order.

    Note that your driver does not require you to be at home or to sign for your delivery and will leave your order on or near your doorstep (unless you specify otherwise).

  13. What do I do with glass bottles when I finish them?

    Please rinse out your glass bottles and leave them on the doorstep for our driver to collect on your next delivery day.

  14. How do I stop my order?

    If you're needing to pause your deliveries this is possible by logging in to your account, going into the Weekly Order link at the top of the page, and changing the quantities of your ordered products to zero. Once this is done you must confirm the order by completing the checkout process fully through to payment. You will then be emailed a confirmation email showing zero quantities against your order. You will only be charged for orders that were delivered to you, which means payment via Direct Debit will automatically be paused until you change and confirm your order quantities again. Please allow us a minimum of one working days' notice if you wish to start your orders again.

  15. How do I close my account?

    We’re sorry to hear you wish to close your account. If you do not wish to receive any more deliveries for now, please consider just stopping your order (See 'How do I stop my order?'). This will stop your deliveries and all future payments with us, but will allow you to immediately continue again should you choose to do so in the future. By closing your account we will remove all of your details held with us and disable your access to the online shop immediately. Please allow us time to clear your balance on your account before cancelling your Direct Debit with your bank. To close your account, you can go to My account link at the top of the page, and select the Manage Your Data option. Here, you can click the Close Account which will immediately stop future deliveries with us and close down your account permanently.

  16. I have a question regarding my order, or something else not listed in the FAQs - how can I contact you?

    If you are unsure about how to do something check out our How To Guide for more instructions.

    You can also email us with any queries to, or alternatively reach out to your local depot. Your depot's contact information is displayed in your account confirmation email and additionally in each order confirmation email sent to you.