Graham's Kefir - Cherry 500ml Bottle

Get our cherry flavour while stocks last! Available up to 11th July 2022. Our Goodness Kefir is loaded with probiotics which can provide all kinds of health benefits for your gut. It’s lactose free, contains billions of live cultures, 13 strains of live bacteria and is high in protein, calcium and vitamins too!
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Get our cherry flavour while stocks last! Available up to 11th July 2022.

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98% fat free but still with the great taste of Grahams whole milk, in a glass bottle. Splosh it on your cornflakes and plonk it in your tea and coffee. Or drink it cold for a big refreshing mouthful of goodness. Please rinse and leave out empty bottles for your driver to collect.

Whole Milk 1 Pint (Glass Bottle)

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Our Kefir range is full of billions of live bacteria that love your gut. Great for your general health and wellbeing as well as boosting your immunity our deliciously creamy and tangy Strawberry Kefir yogurt is also high in protein.

Graham's Gold Top Jersey Milk 1 Litre

With Cream on Top. Graham’s Gold Top is the traditional way Jersey milk was made, with the cream at the top. Growing up, that was the way we always had our milk with the person who was lucky to open the gold top getting the cream – the best bit! For those who prefer the cream mixed through why not try our Graham’s Gold Smooth?