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Low-fat Yogurt Natural 150g x 12

Natural, nutritious and surprisingly low-fat yogurt. Prepared with the freshest milk from our own cows, and that’s it - 100% pure, natural yogurt, a perfect tangy compliment to honey, oats or whatever you feel like!
SKU: 741SM
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Semi-Skimmed Milk 1 Pint (Glass Bottle)

98% fat free but still with the great taste of Grahams whole milk, in a glass bottle. Splosh it on your cornflakes and plonk it in your tea and coffee. Or drink it cold for a big refreshing mouthful of goodness. Please rinse and leave out empty bottles for your driver to collect.

Whole Milk 1 Pint (Glass Bottle)

The whole milk in glass bottles that’s totally wholesome with lots of great taste from well cared for cows. Four generations of Graham’s have grown up on it and we’re still going strong. Please rinse and leave out empty bottles for your driver to collect.

Slightly Salted Spreadable Butter 500g

No buts about it, it’s the tastiest, most convenient butter you can stick your knife into. Straight from the fridge, straight on to your toast, a crumpet or whatever takes your fancy. Grahams buttery goodness – spread the word.

Medium Eggs (Dozen)

A dozen medium eggs. Unfortunately we are unable to deliver to customers served by our Nairn depot, but please see our free range egg options as an alternative.