As a family dairy, we are painstaking when it comes to making sure our organic whole milk tastes great, and is completely natural. It’s part of our commitment to the environment, to the welfare of our animals and to the health of your family. From Mother Nature to mum’s fridge.

Our Organic dairy cows eat 100% organic diet. At least 60% of their diet must consist of fodder (natural, dry hay or straw), with a maximum of 40% concentrates (wheat, barley, soyabean).

All of our farming partners are based in Scotland and are members of Omsco who meet the Organic standards, the details of which can be found here

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Organic Scottish Unsalted Butter 250g

Isabella Graham was a lovely woman, and a real dairy alchemist, transforming milk into deliciously rich creamy butter. She would churn the butter for just the right length of time to create a taste no other butter could match. Thanks Grandma!