Protein 25 Raspberry 200g x 6

Protein 25 helps people who want to build muscle but at the same time lose weight. Protein 25 contains 25g of protein in each pot, so naturally high in protein, yet contains no fat. Our Protein 25 range is tasty and filling and takes away the hunger pangs!
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Semi-Skimmed Milk 1 Pint (Glass Bottle)

98% fat free but still with the great taste of Grahams whole milk, in a glass bottle. Splosh it on your cornflakes and plonk it in your tea and coffee. Or drink it cold for a big refreshing mouthful of goodness. Please rinse and leave out empty bottles for your driver to collect.

Large Free-range Eggs (Dozen)

A dozen large free-range eggs.

Graham's Gold Top Jersey Milk 1 Litre

With Cream on Top. Graham’s Gold Top is the traditional way Jersey milk was made, with the cream at the top. Growing up, that was the way we always had our milk with the person who was lucky to open the gold top getting the cream – the best bit! For those who prefer the cream mixed through why not try our Graham’s Gold Smooth?

Low-fat Yogurt Toffee 125g

Natural, nutritious and surprisingly low-fat yogurt. Prepared with the freshest milk from our own cows, with the creamy and delightful taste of toffee - indulgence without the guilt for a perfect dessert.